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Fred Villari's of Holliston

America's Foremost Martial Arts Centers

What People Are Saying About Us...

" More than anything, I love the family atmosphere at the dojo.

I have met some of the best people here. I am humbled to have taught so many people over my 25 years here at the dojo.

Seeing the transformation in a student is what I like best. When I see the pride in someone's eyes after an achievement no matter how small or large, I feel so proud of them.

Personally, the Martial Arts have given me so much in life. I have the confidence both physically and mentally for whatever life throws at me. I love staying fit. It's such a fun way to work out. For me... It's addicting "

~Chief Instructor: Julie Guido

" My children started at Villari's 19 and 21 years ago when they were five years old.

Julie was an invaluable role model in their impressionable years and has become much more to us than just a mentor. Both Robbie and Anna persevered through to their black belts and beyond and had a deep respect and love for the martial arts because of Julie's guidance.

I am grateful that we found Holliston Villari's so many years ago. Thank you Julie and Christine "


" This is the best karate program for my 2 boys.

Not only does Christine teach them karate and discipline, but she reinforces safety, dealing with strangers and is so much fun. She is one of the nicest yet most accomplished instructor we've had the pleasure to work with. "


" Totally stressed with life I dragged myself to a private lesson for my karate at Holliston Self Defense Center. Thanks to my mentor, friend, Master Instructor, Master Julie, and so much more, I also stayed for class after my private and left totally at peace.

I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to get in shape for mind, body, soul or self defense. This place saved the day for me several years ago after a not so fun divorce. Fast forward 6 years I have achieved the rank of second degree Black belt and am halfway to my third degree who would have thought? "

~Charles M.

" When our son was five years old, we signed him up to try Karate at the day-care center, as part of the enrichment program. We honestly thought it was going to be just like any other activity, try it for a week and move on to yet another activity that is tried and discarded as either borring, uninteresting or not a good fit.

To say that we were plesantly surprised is a huge undestatement. It has been extremely worthwhile for our son. The classes have been very helpful in building his self-esteem and confidence and he loves learning Shaolin Kempo Karate. He is very committed to learning the various forms and we can tell that he looks and feels stronger and more centered. We love that the Chief Instructor Master Julie Guido and her passion for the art is an example to all the kids, including our son. This passion and dedication is evident in all the instructors at the school. "

~Helen S. F. and Leonid S. F. (Parents of a 10 years old Black Belt)


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Holliston Self Defense Center
1570 Washington St.
Holliston, MA 01746
(508) 429-8855
Chief Instructor: Julie Guido